Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A child of our own...

So I've been hideously bad at posting. I'm sorry. I am really excited about this post though! A couple of weeks ago I felt that God was laying on my heart to sponsor a child from World Vision.  And after looking through a lot of photos on their website, I decided to just go with a child from Ecuador.  I do know a little bit of Spanish (albeit it's really bad...) and I would like to brush up on it to speak with my child a little bit better.
And she is! Her name is Clara Rosaura Barros Lanon.  I'm really excited to form a relationship with her.  She's a beautiful 8 year old little girl, has a big family, and I am just so blessed to become part of her life.
The best part is a welcome surprise on God's part -- since I sponsored her, guess who no longer has the "baby itch"? ME! Thank you, Lord for answering prayers; mine AND a little girl in Ecuador! I wrote her my first letter tonight, so it will be going in the mail tomorrow.  I am very excited and anxious to hear back from her!

On a side note, I am almost finished with physical therapy.  I met with my MD yesterday and told him that nothing has changed...and the back pain is still there.  So he ordered a lumbar MRI.  I'm going in tomorrow to have the MRI completed.  I'm a little bit nervous, but also anxious to (hopefully) get some answers as to where my back pain is coming from.