Monday, August 6, 2012

Motivation after a long lull

Well hello there! I don't believe we've met.  Oh, we have? Oh that's right...about a month and a half ago.  Brian and I have been so busy doing stuff around the house and enjoying summer that July just slipped on by!

Brian and I have been looking into buying a house for a few months now.  We looked at one on Friday that we both really, really liked.  It needs new paint and carpet, but that's the name of the game for every house in our price range at the moment.  On one hand, we want to save up and just pay all of our taxes next year (without very many deductions...) and get approved for a higher priced mortgage.  That way we could find a house that we ADORE.  On the other hand, the interest rates right now are amazing and with the amount we were approved for, it would be great to pay that monthly amount and save up for other stuff. Like paying off debt.  And the car. And then we could do upgrades on the house.

Brian and I have been doing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.  It's been great so far!! Teaches you how to budget your money and pay off debt quick, and then start saving for the future.  Brian hates it because he claims he doesn't have any money to spend on stuff he wants. I hate that aspect also, but I'd rather be debt free than buy a bunch of stuff I don't need. Like sewing stuff.  It's killing me but I haven't been sewing very much lately.  Until today.

I love my job, have I mentioned that yet?  Soooo much better than the previous office I was working at.  I got called off today because my patients cancelled, so I figured instead of sitting around the house watching Grey's Anatomy or being a zombie on Pinterest all day (which I totally would be doing) I decided to be productive.  I have this fabric I bought last year hanging out in the closet to make a crib blanket and bumpers and crib sheet (which I think I already made...).  So I busted out the blanket/quilt fabric and got to work on it.  I have basting spray, which is awesome, so I sandwiched the batting and fabric together and got to work machine quilting.  I finished the machine quilting in less than an hour. Go me!!!  It helps when the front fabric has a bunch of squares. Awesome.  Now I just need to plan a trip to Joann to get some binding.  Here's a few pictures:

So that's that.

We've only got 2 more months until we go to Japan.  We've been going to my mother-in-law's house every weekend to practice our Japanese phrases and  learn some of the customs.  It's been interesting so far.  I got Rosetta Stone from my father-in-law so I've been slowly learning some Japanese also.

That's all for now!