Saturday, June 18, 2011

Congratulations Stacie and Mike!

My "little sister" Staci got married today!! Her wedding was pretty small, like mine, and she was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I couldn't believe it! She looked better than I did on my wedding day!!!
Here's a quick picture of myself and the beautiful, blushing bride on her wedding day:

Of course, I was bawling like a baby when her dad and mom walked her down the aisle.  I lost my dad when I was 15, so I always get very emotional when "the walk down the aisle" comes along. Movies, real life, anything; say goodbye to my eye makeup because it's GONE. I'm so emotional. My husband was pretty good about me leaning on his shoulder when the crying commenced, lol.

Again, to my beautiful "little sister", congratulations!! :) Thanks for letting me be part of your special day!!!

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