Sunday, July 17, 2011

New project!

Well, technically I'm still on haitus, but because I joined a crafting group at my church, I needed something to craft. So off to Joann I went...
I've done some counted cross-stitch before, but nothing of this magnitude. I saw this, which is a Disney + Thomas Kinkade, so of course it had "WIN" written all over it.  It's going to be a long project, but I'm very excited.
Here's a picture of the actual painting that Thomas Kinkade did.  The one I'm working on is called "Snow White Discovers the Cottage".  It's the first in a series called "Disney Dreams Collection by Thomas Kinkade".

It's pretty darn intricate, as you can see, and I suspect this should take...oh...6 months or so? If I don't get totally burnt out and end up like my mom, putting it away indefinitely.  There's a few more that I saw at Joann that I'd like to do.  My goal is to make all of them for when I have kids, have a Disney nursery room theme.  I love Disney.
Here's a picture of the cross stitch when it's completed:
And here's my progress after day one (man this stuff is going to take forever!!!). It's not much, but it's part of the big tree directly to the left of the cottage!

I'll upload more as I go along.  Probably on a weekly basis, since I don't want to take pictures every day. Maybe I will. We'll see. I'm pretty lazy =P

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