Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

I know this is a little late (by like..5 days...) but Tuesday May 29th was my second wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary, Brian! I love you! I can't believe it's been two years already. Time sure flies!

In other news, I've been gardening a little bit.  I have a few pots out on the deck since we live in a townhome. I have a tomato plant, basil, catnip, cilantro, parsley, apple mint, chocolate mint, a strawberry plant, and lots of petunias.  I'm pretty excited to get started cooking with my plants.

I also decided to stop eating sweets as of Wednesday (5/30/2012).  The first day was torture. Everything was telling me that I needed chocolate to survive. Day two was okay...not as bad. Yesterday was day three and Brian and I decided that I could have one day each week where I could eat one sweet thing. That day would be Fridays.  So yesterday I went to a get-together with some girlfriends from church and we had pizza and malts.  I was in charge of making the malts.  I made myself only about 6 oz of malt, and when I was done...I felt no satisfaction at all. I even thought to myself, "Why did I even want that in the first place? It wasn't that great..."  So needless to say I'm pretty proud of myself and my self control! We'll see what the next week has in store for me.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I got a new job!!! I no longer work at my crappy, horrible, demeaning, toxic environment workplace!  I have a great new dentist that I work for, she's totally awesome.  I am having a blast and I love the people I work with. Everyone is so friendly and supportive and I love it!

That's it for now!

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