Sunday, October 2, 2011

Foilage, inches, and raises!

Okay so I know the title is super abstract, lol but here's what's been going on in my neck of the woods!!
First of all, I am proud to announce that my boss (DDS and the office manager) approached me on Thursday and told me that they're proud of the work that I've been doing, and I've been doing such a great job, they want to offer me a pay increase in the form of being paid HOURLY! Wahoo!!!! I've been being paid by commission the past like...oh...7 months. It kind of sucks, especially if patients don't show up and I'm stuck still doing work stuff.

This is the answer to TWO prayers!! One, that God would help heal our financial issues, and TWO, that things at work would turn around and get better. I "made a deal" with God (even though that's not entirely possible...) that if I worked extra hard and did my very best at work, then I would hope to see some changes at work. PRAISE GOD!

So as far as the "inches" goes, I went to have my first month evaluation with my personal trainer today. I haven't lost very much weight, because I've been building muscle. And everyone knows (or should know) that muscle weighs more than fat. So guess what? I've lost EIGHTEEN (18) inches so far!!! WAHOO! My trainer was so surprised that I've lost 4 inches around my waist already! WOW! I'm going to take some "1 month" photos, so we'll see at the end of my journey how I look as time passes!

Last but not least, yesterday Brian and I went to go look at the "fall foilage" in William O'Brien state park by the Saint Croix. The leaves haven't fully peaked yet, it's only about 50% or so. But still, it was beautiful! We had a great day enjoying each others company and nature, and went to dinner in Stillwater afterward. Here are some pictures highlighting the day:

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