Saturday, January 21, 2012

What a busy life I have!

So it's not like I don't like blogging. I do. I've just been super busy lately. Working 4 days a week for 9-10 hours each day, finishing up crafts that needed to get done, and reading. A lot.

Christmas and New Years were pleasant and uneventful.  My husband and I are pretty low-key and boring for our age group.  We stayed at home and he worked on his eBay stuff.  Pretty exciting, huh?  I was pleasantly surprised to get a Nook Simple Touch for Christmas! Best present this year!!

I finally finished the tooth fairy that I have yet to send to my friend with her baby; I finished quilting and binding the baby blanket of doom; I finished the advent calendar I started on the 3rd of December on New Years Eve (yeah, make fun of me all you want...); and I just finished a cover for my Nook and I love it! I didn't use any templates or anything, just kind of winged it and it turned out fabulous. My mom thinks its good enough to sell on Etsy. We'll see!  I'll have to upload a picture of it when I get onto my other computer.

Currently I'm working on a top-secret project for my mother in law ;)  We even went to Joann together and she picked out the fabric she likes.  She doesn't know what it's for though.  Anyone want to take a guess?

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