Saturday, April 2, 2011

Holy shopping, batman!

The hubby and I headed down to Rochester this weekend for a CE conference. We stayed in a pretty nice hotel, and it was downtown so everything was connected to everything via skyways.  The CE conference was great, we ate out way too much, but all in all, it was a good getaway weekend.  We also spent too much money.  Shopping on awesome things.  I took pictures to elaborate.

First off, as a Dental Hygienist, I get easily excited by anything toothbrush or teeth related.  Hence the reason we bought the two little guys in this picture.  The red guy is a toothpaste cap that when you take his hand off his mouth...toothpaste squirts out of his mouth.  Super fun.  The little blue guy holds FLOSS and you cut it off with what looks like a little slingshot in his hand.  The green guy that looks like he's hiding in the cup is a cotton swab holder thingy.  It's pretty cool!
From the same designer comes a toilet brush, but we found some nice mixing bowls/colanders/measuring cups that were equally as festive but from a different designer.  And they ALL fit together.  How cool and handy is that??

This second thing that I bought is a gift for a lovely friend of mine who professed to me once that she's a kitchen-gadget-a-holic.  Which is why when I saw this (can you guess what it is?), I thought, "I bet she doesn't have this!!"

I'm also a self professed shoe-a-holic.  I love shoes.  I just know how to spend my money wisely to not have ten million pairs (although my husband, who has an equal-to-or-greater-than-me shoe problem, would disagree).  So when I saw these shoes...and found out they are HAND MADE in the USA, I HAD to have them.  I thought I'd model one of the pairs on my nice pasty white legs too hehe.

And today, at the end of our vacation, we treated ourselves to some gelato.  Mine was lemon (my FAVORITE) and his was creme brulee flavored. Can you believe that this was the small size?Yum!!

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