Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Nataku!

Yesterday marked the very first anniversary for myself and my husband!! I am so happy and proud to call him my husband -- he is such a wonderful, caring, thoughtful and loving man, and I couldn't ask for anything more from him.  I found out that he didn't really have much or any of our wedding cake last year, so I called up a friend of mine that does custom cakes to make one for our anniversary.  I knew that she was talented, and I gave her an idea of what I wanted from the cake...but I am just blown away by her talent and the thought that she put into the cake.  The first picture is our wedding cake:
We had a cherry blossom theme, because my husband's maternal side is Japanese, and I thought that cherry blossoms are just beautiful! Just a way to honor his side of the family that couldn't make it to the wedding.
Here is how the anniversary cake turned out:

Thank you so much, Danielle!!! You did an awesome job!!!
I also got my hubby a little something extra....I know that he just adores sock monkeys, and what do I come across at Target? A baby sock monkey! Now the family is complete!!!

 Happy Anniversary, my Nataku. I love you!

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