Monday, May 30, 2011

My new dress!!!

I was sick of going shopping and trying to find a super cute summer dress that I liked with a bold pattern (okay, I know I'm asking for a lot there...).  I could never find one, so one day as I'm shopping at Jo-Ann for some odds and ends...I think to myself, "Why not just make one?" And voila! I go to the patterns and find this one!
And while it took a little while to make it...Here it is!! I am SO happy with it! My very first piece of clothing make entirely from scratch and by myself, and here it is!!  I'll add a picture of me in it soon on my FB account, considering that I want to surprise my mom with it!
I just adored the blue fabric with the apples and pears on it, so I of course had to buy it and make a dress out of it! I also bought a shirt pattern from the same manufacturer, so hopefully I'll get that done before my trip down to CA. I'm so excited to wear this out and about!

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