Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Dress of Fail...

So after my total splurge last weekend I was totally pumped up and ready to make my dress. First dress comes from McCall's pattern 5094 (see picture below). I wanted to go with #D (pictured in purple) but I bought some super cute yellow fabric with outlines of dragonflies on it.
So after I get home I realized that I bought the wrong sizes for the other two patterns. And possibly this pattern. This one had up to size 10, and I've been losing weight lately, and dropped a dress size as of late. So I thought that size ten would work great for me.

I can't even tell you all the problems I had with this. Not only did some of the pattern pieces not line up correctly when sewing them together in the middle (bodice and midriff), I had to do a little creative thinking in cutting out new, larger pieces.  That was big problem number one. Problem number two was total user error -- I didn't realize I needed fabric for a lining. Back to the store I went, not a big deal.  Problem number three was the zipper -- after sewing it together in the back, it didn't line up correctly. Meaning the seams for the bodice/midriff on each side didn't line up together well. I attribute this to some error in the actual pattern that was printed. So I ripped the seam out and did it again. This time it bunched up at the bottom. Ripped out the seam again and sewed it up in total frustration thinking, "this better work!!"  Well the seams lined up the best they could, but the fabric at the top of the zipper did not match up, one was higher than the other.  At this point I was basically ripping my hair out and saying "Forget it! It's good enough! Nobody's going to notice anyway!!"

So, excited that this dress from hell is finally done...what do I do? Excitedly rip my clothes off and try it on. And it's too small.

Now, I'm not a big girl. I'm average size, and I am coming to love my body more and more. So I am totally not thinking I'm fat -- I'm thinking I'm going to burn the dress.  But the more logical side of me is thinking I better just lose a couple of pounds until it fits. Then I'll rock it out with my cute white kitten heels.  Here's the finished product:

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