Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Faith Story

Tonight at my church house group (like a bible study) I shared my faith story.  I was really nervous all this week working up about what to talk about, and not ramble on about.  All in all I think it went pretty well. A lot of the women came up and hugged me afterward, which made me feel like it was all worth it.

One thing that I'm coming to realize is it's not much OF a faith story.  I mean...I am in my early twenties, and I felt like I had a good relationship with God, but I think after confessing and sharing my story with all of my new friends and house group members, I realize that I really don't have as good of a relationship with God as I pretended to.  I realize now that I have a lot of growing up to do in my walk with God and I have a lot of things that I still need to learn and deal with and commit to.  I want to be so much closer to the Lord and I know how to now.

I've got some friends that I've made already at house group and I am so excited to get to know them more, and I can't thank God enough for them.  I need to start following Him more, and relinquish that control I love so much in my life.

Penny for your thoughts?

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