Sunday, March 20, 2011

Almost there...

I've been working on these stinkin' bumpers all weekend because I want them DONE.  And also because my husband keeps complaining about the mess.  I don't have a crafting room or table so I have to use the dining room table -- it's the only one big enough to spread out everything on.

As you can see, I've cleaned up most of it already, my husband will be happy when he gets home :]

Here is a shot of the bumpers themselves: 
As you can see, they're very girly.  I'm so excited that I finally got them to this point.  But considering how late it is already, and I have to work early tomorrow, I figured I would slip stitch the ends shut tomorrow. I'm tired and sick of working on them!!

This project took FOREVER to complete, mostly because of my laziness and only getting one thing done a day.  I still have the "boy"/monkey set to complete, and I won't be doing those for a while.  I still have to finish the quilt that goes along with this girl set, and I want to get some little projects done in between these big ones.

The tutorial for the crib bumpers is here in case anyone was wondering: Crib Bumper Tutorial

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