Friday, March 4, 2011

What a day...

Today was...long, to say the least.  I wanted to sleep in but couldn't because I had to meet with the owners of the townhome regarding continuing renting and then buying.  Then, while getting breakfast ready, I thought to myself, "Oh, great, I get to go to work at the OG tonight..." and promptly found myself gagging over the kitchen sink ready to throw up.  Am I exaggerating? No. This actually happened.  What does that say about how you feel about your job?

I got some "catalog" stuff done on AC, which was nice, but then the dreaded time to go to work finally came around. And it wasn't a good night. The highlight of my night (cue sarcasm) was receiving $7 on a $105 tab... How is that considered acceptable?  While I'm thankful to God that I have a job (or two), I'm getting to the end of my rope at the OG.  I can't stand being treated like dirt when I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off catering to your every whim.  I have earned more respect than that. (End Rant)

I wish that I had more time to work on crafts today.  Okay, that's not entirely accurate, I wish I hadn't been so lazy and had actually gone to the craft/fabric store to buy the materials I need to finish some of my semi-easy projects.  Since I'm running errands with the hubby tomorrow, maybe I'll make time. Probably not.  Sunday hopefully.  I torture myself by looking at a bunch of different crafting websites and blogs, thinking to myself, "I should make that!!!" or, "How practical! I'll make that for this..."  So what used to be a project list of 2 or 3 things has grown to about 20. If not more.  Do I have time for this? Absolutely not.  But it's fun to dream.

Speaking of dreams...I'm doing a lot of baby-centered crafts at the moment.  For example...I finished some fitted bed sheets for two different colored/themed crib bedding sets for the future.  Not having kids anytime soon, but it's better to be prepared than unprepared, right?  I also decided that I was going to hand quilt...haha.  Wow. What planet was I on?  So as of right now I'm waiting for a specific "foot" for my sewing machine that will allow me to machine quilt.  Much faster. And easier.

Okay, going to bed now.  I've rambled on too much tonight.

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