Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My poor sewing machine

So here I am Monday night, feeling quite ambitious and wanting to finish machine quilting my baby quilt, right?  Well, the needle tension has always been off on my sewing machine that I purchased in January, so I decided to try to fix the bobbin tension.  Logical thing to do, right? WRONG. Not only did I screw things up, I totally delayed my quilting ambitions. =( Fail for Amber.

I went ahead and took it to a sewing sales and repair shop that has been around for 40+ years and has this amazing reputation.  Well, I go there and of course two things happen. 1) It's pouring rain out. and 2) My stupid locks on my car doors are totally screwed up, so I have to unlock it from the inside while getting drenched. Yay.  Went in and filled out the paperwork, and the older gentleman that owns the shop started talking with me because I was checking out the machines.  I totally loved this one machine that was made for both sewing and quilting, but had quilting more in mind because it had a longer arm on it.  Totally cool right? He said he'd offer me a great trade-in value for mine...and the price would be $3000 for the other machine. Holy man! I mean, I understand a shop owner has to sell his stuff, but talk about an expensive sewing machine!  Maybe if I win the lottery someday I'll go back and say, "SOLD! I'll take it!" but since I don't play the lottery...I don't think it'll happen. 

But the guy totally made me smile after we were chatting for a while.  He said, "Be careful out there, you're a sweet girl, and you know what happens to sugar in water, right? It dissolves." Ha. Totally  made my day.

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