Monday, August 29, 2011


So, I realized during the sermon on Sunday that I've been hiding things from those most dear to us. Well, Brian and I as a couple have been.  Pastor Peter talked about how we need friends, family to hold us accountable.  Also that we need to be honest not only to ourselves but to others also, and that sometimes the hardest way to be honest with ourselves is to be open and honest and communicate that honesty with others.  So here goes.

Brian and I are struggling financially.  It's not to say that we're not blessed -- we certainly are in every aspect of our life.  But are we perfect? No.  Are we comfortable? No, we're not, actually.  It is humiliating and disgracing and incredibly embarrasing to say that we're living paycheck to paycheck right now with bills, car payments, and credit card bills lining up.  I'd love to blame the credit card debt (which is not an extravagant amount, but it's still there) on the move...but I can't.  It's 100% my fault.  Brian's so much better at getting his paid off than I am...and I'm the one always griping about it.

It's hard for me to even click "publish post" for this.  Part of me is screaming, "Don't! Don't let anyone know! Just keep on pretending everything is great!" And the other, holy-spirit filled part of me is saying, "Part of being one of God's children is understanding and experiencing humility on a regular basis." So here I am, Lord, humbling myself before you and all of my friends and family, all those that I hold close and dear to my heart.  We need prayer, we need advice, we need counseling, anything that will help us out and bring us closer to God.

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  1. You're not alone! Rhett and I have our own financial issues, and me being unemployed is a big part of it. I completely understand the bills, the debt, the struggle. Again, you're not alone. So many people out there are working through this same issue. You just have to remember it's not just you, and it doesn't make you a failure in any way. It's just another challenge we all face. Keep the faith and all will work out in some way...probably when you least expect it! One day you'll look back and smile, realizing it really wasn't as bad as it felt back then. Just breathe! You're in our thoughts and prayers as I hope Rhett and I are in yours. :)